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Scamper Business Model of Sony Playstation 3

December 8, 2009

sony playstation 3 is the third home video game console made by sony computer entertainment. It;s the successor to the sony playstation2.  It was released November 11, 2006 in Japan. Its major features include online gaming service, connectivity with playstation portable, and high-definition optical disc format. We think that Sony Playstation3 is a very cool, advanced, and fun video game experience, but what can we do to scamper it? Here are just some of our ideas


change blue-ray to hd-dvd, we think that the problem of ps3 is that the price of the game is too high so if they can change their game dvd from blue-ray to hd-dvd, which is cheaper but offers about the same quality, then we can get the game for a lower price


now we should combine the universal remote controller like the one we use for telly with the playstation controller, so we don’t have to move a lot when playing a game or changing the game in playstation 3, imagine, wouldn’t that be fun?


it would be a very decent thing if sony can adapt the technology of portable lcd screen to the gaming experience of ps3, imagine being able to bring your ps3 everywhere with you, without actually needing a tv, you can just plug your lcd screen to your ps3, and there you go, your own portable ps3 experience…


now you’ve all known of ps2 slim haven’t you? it’s about time ¬†that we get the ps3 slim, and we would like it to come with more storage capacity, and, of course, lower price